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I was told in elementary school that I only could read at half the speed for success in college. Oh well, one benefit of slow reading is you get to live with the characters a longer period of time. I read in a vain attempt to better understand people. At my other homes, I'm known as a spouse, pop, guy in the choir, physical chemist, computer/web dilettante and child-care provider. In theory, I'm a published author, if you consider stuff like Quenching Cross Sections for Electronic Energy Transfer Reactions Between Metastable Argon Atoms and Noble Gases and Small Molecules to count as publications. I've strewn dozens of such fascinating things to the winds.

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A Christmas Carol
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The Way Some People Die
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Envy of Angels
Matt Wallace
The Fellowship of the Frog
Edgar Wallace
Code of Conduct (The Jani Kilian Chronicles Book 1)
Kristine Smith
A Good Death
Christopher R. Cox
The Black Cargo
John P. Marquand
A Highland Christmas
M.C. Beaton
Tales from Moominvalley
Tove Jansson, Thomas Warburton
Moominland Midwinter
Tove Jansson, Thomas Warburton

Alexander's Bridge

Alexander's Bridge - Willa Cather The first thing you need to know is that Willa Cather wrote this book. That is really all you need to know. That means, of course, that this book is a GoodRead. As nearly as I can tell from Wikipedia, this is Cather's first "novel", although perhaps novelette would be more apt. It's fairly short. She published it as she was closing in on 40. She had published short stories and a bunch of magazine thingies previous to this book, but no novels. Those many delights for us readers came from her later life.

The book is about an engineer who is famous for his bridges. But there's very little about the bridges and rather a lot about Bartley Alexander, his wife, Winifred, and his first love, an actress named Hilda Burgoyne. I don't think I'll say any more. Like all Cather books, this one is not a riotous adventure, so if you're looking for dragons, stud-muffin sword wielders and hotty archer chicks, you won't find them here. What you will find is an engaging exploration of the human condition, in this case a man who feels like there two different people living inside him (not such an unusual feeling, as nearly as I can tell).